36 Innovative Content Creation Tools for Creators in 2023

Unique Content Creation Tools for Digital Creators

Content is everywhere. And there’s a lot that goes into content creation that can separate the pro creators from the amateurs. Whether you’re a budding YouTuber, an aspiring filmmaker, or a seasoned content creator, content is key for grabbing attention online and scaling your brand.

What sets apart the truly exceptional creators from the rest? They leverage content creation tools to make effective, high-quality content.

From video editing software to graphic design platforms and video production tools, the right combo of tools can help you become a content creation machine. 

They can streamline your workflow. They can also unlock new ways to deliver value to the audience with helpful data visualization, animations, and storytelling.

The most significant impact of content creation tools is their ability to take your content to the next level.

These are tools that offer opportunities for collaboration and community-building. Many platforms facilitate seamless teamwork, enabling creators to collaborate with fellow artists, share feedback, and learn from each other’s experiences. This sense of camaraderie and support fosters growth and nurtures a thriving creative ecosystem.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore some of the best tools and software around for content creation. a curated selection of the best content creation tools available today. 

1. Infogram

Infogram is an online tool for creating awesome infographics, charts, tables, and maps. It’s great for visualizing data, and it has an interactive feature that you can embed on a website for users to play around with. 

You can use Infogram to add visuals to written articles, or animate your data and use it in a YouTube video.

2. TimelineJS

TimelineJS is a platform that integrates social media and YouTube to create a flexible timeline to tell a story. TimelineJS is available through google cloud.

You could use TimelineJS to show your brand’s history, illustrate trends, and give people a visual timeline to keep track of events.

3. Flourish.Studio 

Flourish content creation tool for social media

Flourish is a website where you can use templates and create projects to visualize data in an interactive way that tells a story. It’s like Prezi for showing data.  

Whether you want an engaging way to show data in a blog article or use an animation of charts and graphs in a YouTube video, Flourish can be a powerful tool to create content that tells a story with numbers.

4. StoryForm 

StoryForm is a full service development and production company dedicated to creating high-quality branded and documentary content.

5. StorySpheres 

StorySpheres is a tool for enhancing 360 images that allows you to position audio within a scene and create interactive experiences.

6. Mindmup

Mindmup tool for content creation online

Mindmup is a great way to make mind maps and organization charts. Whether you’re just trying to get your thoughts onto some digital paper or you want to create a flow chart for your company, mindmup offers free and paid versions for everyone. 

7. Coral 

Coral is a tool designed for a better commenting experience on a website, where commenters can do things such as identify journalists in the conversation, mute annoying voices, share discussions, receive notifications, and see new comment alerts instantly.

8. Overlay  

Overlay brings AR into real life by allowing you to use animations over the pictures on your camera by recognizing real objects. 

9. Sway 

Sway is a platform for people to create clean, smooth presentations with a library of templates and options of grouping logic more complex than powerpoint or google sliding.

10. StoryMapJS 

StoryMap content creation tool for social media

StoryMapJS allows people to use maps to create stories. The website offers a plethora of maps and allows the user to layer graphics and link content to the map so people can create stories using maps.

11. Klynt

Klynt offers interactive and innovative web layouts such as visual storyboards, responsive players that can adapt to any screen, and interactive maps.

12. IZI.Travel 

IZI.Travel is a platform that gives travelers access to free audio tours of cities, museums, and galleries all around the world.

13. Fold 

Fold is an open publishing platform that allows users to link media cards (videos, photos, gifs, maps, tweets, audio, free text, or links) to the text of their stories 

14. Piktochart  

Piktochart is a platform that allows you to create visualization great for infographics and social media. It’s great for uploading data to create visually appealing graphics that get your message across. 

15. Tableau 

Tableau online tool for digital content creation

Tableau is a visual analytics program that allows users to take data and create stories/narratives through visualizations. You can import data to make charts, tables, graphs, and dashboards of data sets. There’s a desktop app in addition to the online platform. 

Tableau has some pretty advanced features, and it does a lot… But there can certainly be a learning curve to it. 

16. Thinglink 

Thinglink is education technology that makes it easy to augment images, videos, and virtual tours with additional information and links for online learning environments.  

17. PowToon 

PowToon is a tool used to create videos and animated presentations; the name is a combination of PowerPoint and cartoon!

18. Slices 

Slices tool for online content creation

Slices creates interactive stories for social media platforms which incorporates storytelling, data visualization, audio, and chose your own adventures options. 

19. InterviewJS 

InterviewJS allows journalists to display interviews as interactive (multiple choice prompts) text message conversations to imitate conversations with the interviewees.

20. Canva 

Canva is a simple tool to help people with beginner graphic design skills to create visually aesthetic assets – whether it be for marketing purposes (Instagram posts/stories) or educational purposes (slides, infographics, etc.) 

21. Snap Lens Studio 

Snap Lens Studio is an augmented reality tool that creators can use to build and create 2D / 3D creations, which can then be uploaded to Snapchat

22. Explee 

Explee is a digital tool that allows users to make interactive presentations with graphics, animations, music, etc. designed to make it more engaging for viewers.

23. Shorthand 

Shorthand online tool for content creation

Shorthand offers interactive yet simple and effective web layouts for businesses looking to increase click-through time and decrease dwelling time.

24. Substack 

Substack is an email newsletter platform which allows writers to reach their readers directly and not have the overhead of a publication and editors.

25. Twine 

Twine is an open source tool for creating and telling interactive stories.

26. SoundCite 

Soundcite online tool for content creators

SoundCite is a third party system that gives users embed codes to include easily include audio when coding.

27. RunwayML 

RunwayML is an online video editor.

28. JuxtaposeJS 

JuxtaposeJS is a digital creation tool that helps storytellers create simple interactive animations that compare two graphics.

29. Microsoft Timeline Storyteller 

Microsoft Timeline Storyteller allows users to create a timeline of data with different color palettes and design to portray information with pictures and texts in a visually appealing way. 

30. ProtoTool 

ProtoTool is a great tool that lets you create and test VR visualizations. 

31. SceneVR 

SceneVR is a digital tool that turns one’s collection of panoramic and VR- ready photos into a slideshow of navigable scenes where 360° narratives cn be made.

32. Anchor 

Anchor is every podcaster’s best friend. It is a digital tool that allows to easy podcast publishing. The podcast then becomes available in mediums such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.  

33. Adobe Express 

Adobe Express is a tool for digital illustration that allows users to easily create logos, designs, and creative projects in general through the use of blank or pre-made templates.

34. Hearken 

Hearken is an online tool that allows newsrooms to engage more deeply with their audience and communities through an engagement management system and a community management system.

35. Google Cardboard Camera 

Google Cardboard Camera is a tool that allows users to experience different apps through a more immersive manner: Virtual Reality.

36. Prezi   

Prezi is a presentation tool that allows users to create presentations and videos in a seamless manner that later become available on the web.

It puts a spin on the traditional slideshow apps by making presentations where the audience goes through a visual journey unlike any other slideshow app.