Pros & Cons of YouTube for Lead Generation

Using YouTube for Lead Generation

YouTube for lead generation can be a game changer for your business.

But there are definitely some pros and cons to consider before going all-in on YouTube videos to generate leads.

Pro: Freedom to Play by a Different Set of Rules

When you use YouTube to generate leads, you play the game differently from most YouTubers.

One major advantage of using YouTube for lead generation is the freedom to do things differently. Most YouTubers are focused on chasing views and subscribers.

When you use YouTube to get leads, you aren’t worried about views.

Sure, you’ll get views, and obviously leads, but you aren’t optimizing for the most views. You’re optimizing for the most conversions from the views you get.

You can focus on creating high-quality content that reaches the right people and generates the most leads.

Even if your audience is smaller, the higher value leads you’re getting can make up for it.

You’ll also want to consider your YouTube traffic source types in a different way from most creators.

YouTube content strategy based on all three traffic sources including search, browse, and suggested
The best YouTube content strategy is based on all three traffic sources including search, browse, and suggested

While some YouTubers might opt for more browse and suggested videos, you can have massive success using a more search-focused strategy to generate leads.

Con: Locality Matters

Another important factor to consider when using YouTube for lead generation is locality.

How location-dependent are the leads you’re generating?

Depending on your business, you could be restricted to a certain geographic region.

OR, you might be able to generate leads from all over the world.

Local SEO could be a significant advantage for your business, but it might also limit your audience.

Do you have to work with leads in-person? Or are you selling some kind of remote service or a digital product?

The good news with locality is that you can heavily benefit from using local keywords to rank your content.

Pro: Personality is Key on YouTube

You know what’s great about YouTube compared to using content on Google for leads?


Personality plays a significant role in standing out from the competition.

It’s also fundamental in how you build an audience on YouTube.

Tell stories to build an audience on YouTube

Think about it this way. Even if you have dozens of competitor YouTube channels giving the same information, your personality will always set you apart from your competition and win clients over.

Unless you have the personality of a lukewarm bowl of soup.

Your videos are not just about the information you provide, but also about how you present it.

Make sure to add some personality to your videos.

If you crack the code of storytelling on YouTube it can dramatically boost trust with your audience and improve lead conversion.

Con: Measuring Quality of Leads Can Be Difficult

Getting leads is very different from getting sales of an online product.

They’re all different, and the quality from one to the next varies substantially.

When you get leads, they’ll all be different in terms of:

  • Urgency
  • Budget
  • Expectations
  • Qualifications

Even if you’re smart about your calls to action on YouTube, your leads will have different needs, budgets, and criteria. All of which might make them a great client for you, or not at all.

And even if it’s easy to track the number of leads you get from YouTube, it’s tough to put a number on their quality to know how YouTube compares to your other marketing channels.

To make things worse, tracking the conversion of individual videos can be almost impossible. Even if you have a customized link or landing page on each video so you know where leads are coming from, you have no way of knowing:

  • Which videos someone watched before becoming a lead
  • How many videos they watched before becoming a lead
  • How much of each video they watched before becoming a lead

Consideration: Understanding the Sales Funnel is Crucial

Generating leads on YouTube requires an understanding of the sales process.

You’ve gotta understand how your clients think and behave when searching for information. That’s the first step in building a YouTube sales strategy.

If you have deep experience in working with clients or doing sales for the service you’re providing, then great.

But if you’re new to the industry or haven’t worked with clients yourself, you won’t have the same understanding of the client journey and the nuance behind everything.

That’ll show up in the content you create.

You need to create videos that speak to your audience’s questions and concerns.

If you’re only able to provide surface-level information, you’ll have to find other ways to build a deep relationship with your audience. Enough so that they’ll want to do business with you.

While having a good personality and being able to make engaging videos is important to gain trust, having some level of experience in the sales process is important to position yourself as an authority.

Using YouTube for lead generation: Right for you?

Using YouTube for lead generation has its pros and cons.

However, if done right, it can be a powerful tool to generate leads and grow your business.

When you’re strategic about using YouTube for your business, it can be life changing. People I’ve worked with from YouTube have been the best kind of clients I could ask for.

By playing by a different set of rules, being mindful of locality, understanding the sales funnel, and using your personality to your advantage, you can generate high-quality leads on YouTube to explode your business.