How a Real Estate Media Company Became a Content Machine

How a real estate media company grew to 7 figures

Curious about the real estate market in Singapore? I wasn’t… until I discovered Stacked. They’re a real estate company that has generated thousands of clients by creating hyper-specific, niche content about the condo market in Singapore.

They’re a perfect example of how running a real estate company like a media operation can generate thousands of leads through content marketing.

Here’s what this case study covers

The Shift From Platform to Content

Stacked started off with the intent of replacing real estate agents. Like Zillow and Redfin, they wanted to cut out the middleman and be the direct buy-sell platform.

They shifted gears when they realized the challenge of network effects in becoming a platform. It’s difficult to get both sides of the transaction without a massive audience.

So they ditched the idea of becoming a platform. Instead they wanted to do a better job helping buyers than most real estate agents.

Stacked became a content creation machine that subsequently brought in massive amounts of leads. They partner with local agents and take a split off the commission from deals generated from their articles and videos.

They started with blog content, but today their content strategy includes:

  • Daily Instagram posts & stories
  • Daily Facebook posts & stories
  • 3x weekly newsletter
  • 2-3 weekly YouTube videos
  • Consistent blog content

How to Write Real Estate Content that Works

Stacked gained initial traction from their blog. They wrote educational, objective content directed at buyers. The bulk of keywords they targeted was the long-tail hyper-specific buildings and developments that major real estate sites didn’t target.

They also weren’t trying to get leads or advertise. This value-first approach to content generated inbound leads asking for help. Since no other company was publishing this painstakingly researched content on condos, Stacked became the company buyers wanted to work with.

Get specific to get results

If you’re creating specific, local content, you’ve got to know the market. That’s how you get an unfair advantage over the big players like Zillow.

The big companies don’t have time to obsess over the nitty gritty details of every single building, street, and new development in a given market. They usually target the market as a whole and the different neighborhoods within it.

Stacked has over 1,900 keywords in the top 3 position on Google. Most of lot of these top rankings are extremely specific keywords:

  • [Building name] Singapore
  • [Building name] condo review
  • [Building name] floor plan

Stacked does a great job showing just how specific you can be when it comes to the condo market.

Condo Reviews

These in-depth reviews are basically a complete guide to all the major condo buildings in Singapore. They give detailed explanations of each building that include a full analysis of the property and the area its in.

Stacked condo reviews
Stacked Condo Review data

These condo reviews cover:

  • Condo building overview
  • Development history of the building
  • Amenities, building management, and features in the condos
  • The neighborhood
  • Price comparisons
  • Area growth

According to the co-founder, Druce, these reviews can take 2 weeks to create. That’s a lot of work for one review. But it’s clearly paying off for them. Their goal with these reviews is to cover every detail a buyer would want to know before and during the purchase.

These reviews are also very visual. They’re full of great quality, original photos to show buyers exactly what they’re buying. The good, bad, and ugly. They take photos to show everything in, out, and around these condo buildings.

Now the condo reviews are just one piece of the content strategy Stacked is using.

Aside from condo reviews, Stacked publishes content on:

  • Market trends affecting supply & demand
  • Guides to help buyers
  • HOA explanations
  • Renovation guides for sellers
  • How to choose a real estate agent
Stacked blog buying and selling guides written content

But they don’t just give information; they make editorials. The writers give unbiased opinions based on how buildings compare to each other, what buyers like and dislike about them, and reasons someone may or may not want to buy in a particular development.

Deciding what content to write about

The key to success in writing all this hyper-specific content is nailing what buyers and sellers want to read about.

There’s plenty of ways to figure out what people want to know, but here are some of the best:

  • Search patterns online
  • Questions clients frequently ask
  • Comments on property videos, articles, and forums
  • Information gaps on the condo websites

If you know what people are asking about one building, chances are people wonder the same about other buildings. This lets you double down on the content that works and repeat it across every other development you want to generate leads for.

YouTube Content Strategy

Stacked is a company that knows how to make badass YouTube videos.

They absolutely dominate in the quality of editing and level of information in each video.

Their channel currently has over 220,000 subscribers. They started publishing content in December 2020 and hit the ground running. They’ve been consistently publishing 2-3 videos a week. They grew to 17,000 subscribers in the first 3 months on YouTube. 

Currently, they’re generating over 1,000,000 views and 9,000 subscribers a month. 

Here’s how they did it:

Condo building tours

Remember the condo reviews? Well Stacked basically turns them into vlog style tours of each building. 

They’re well-produced walkthrough tours of condo buildings that show things like:

  • Amenities
  • Outdoor areas
  • Condo interiors
  • Storage facilities
  • Parking
  • Building maps
  • Neighborhood maps
  • Shopping nearby

These videos are extremely thorough and some building review videos are 15 to 20 minutes long. 

During the video, the tour guides discuss things like:

  • Building history & development
  • How busy the area is
  • Honest opinion of amenities & building features
  • Pricing structure for condos in the building
  • Unique or quirky features of the building
  • How well the building is managed

Listing videos

In the last year, Stacked has started producing more videos that are shorter listing videos of individual condos and houses. The listing videos follow a very Ryan Serhant style. 

These videos are full tours of the property and include information like:

  • Floor plans
  • Upgrades and renovations
  • Luxury features and details
  • Materials, lighting, and appliance review

Thumbnails That Get Attention

Stacked does a great job on YouTube with their thumbnail game.

Stacked Homes YouTube channel