The Types of YouTube Videos to Create Value

There’s two ways to create value for people on YouTube: teach them or entertain them. Some videos are entirely meant to teach, some are entirely for entertainment, and a whole bunch of videos do well by blending education and entertainment.

Other content types you’ll hear about on YouTube like inspiration, self-promotion, or sales-based videos are just blended content types with different ratios of education and entertainment.

The issue with lots of sales-based videos is that sometimes they are neither education nor entertainment because they just don’t provide value.

Blending the two types of content creates the most opportunity if you can balance information, entertainment, and relationship-building with the audience.

Educational content: Knock their socks off

The purpose of educational videos is simple: inform people and teach them something. Tell them about your industry, answer their questions, talk about problems they have and solutions to those problems. Whatever question, problem, or fear you’re addressing with educational videos, the goal is to address it completely and simply.

That’s what valuable content is all about: explaining things thoroughly, any nuances involved, and doing it in a way that makes it easy to understand for someone who isn’t an expert.

What to talk about in educational videos:

  • Industry problems (and solutions to these problems)
  • Cost. How much does it cost? What are the factors to consider? What are ways people define value?
  • For example, complex purchases: Buying a car, buying a house, investments, etc.
  • Comparisons. Compare different solutions, products, companies, or options that exist in your niche.
  • “Best” lists. Best companies, products, places, etc.
  • Demonstration videos. How to use something, how it works, how the process looks

Common types of educational videos:

  • How to videos
  • List-based videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Tutorials
  • Documentaries
  • Product reviews
  • Whiteboard explanations
  • Webinars

These days, schools literally use YouTube videos for education and kids intuitively go to YouTube for answers to questions because it simply does a better job than reading a textbook.

Using a traffic source strategy to think about the type of video might help. Often people are intentionally looking for information, so highly educational videos tend to go well with a search-based strategy while a very entertaining video will do better in a browse-based strategy.

Entertainment: Make it interesting to watch

Entertainment is what hooks people’s attention and keeps them interested. Content meant for entertainment is good at keeping people’s attention. That doesn’t necessarily mean humor.

Common types of entertainment videos:

  • Challenges
  • Sketch comedy, pranks
  • Reaction videos
  • Storytelling
  • Personality-based videos
  • Anything Mr. Beast does

Exceed expectations by blending the two

People have different expectations for each type of content, and those expectations constantly change. Blurring the line works best. Provide valuable information that solves problems and answers questions, but make it interesting. The problems you aim to solve will be different at the top, middle, and bottom of your YouTube strategy.

Blended videos have the most flexibility:

Any of the videos on the lists above can be a blended video. There are dozens of possibilities. Just add more personality and storytelling to an information-focused video or add some more thorough explanation in an entertainment video. Even if it’s not directly related to the conversation, adding extra elements like personal details, stories, and opinions makes content more interesting because it builds connection with the audience.

Examples of blended videos:

  • Ask me anything
  • Vlogs
  • Q&A videos
  • Livestreams
  • Behind the scenes videos
  • Interviews & podcasts

There’s a bunch of other videos you can go for. However you want to do it, just think about the education to entertainment ratio you’re providing, and you’re on the right track.