31 Ideas for YouTube Art Niches in 2023 [ULTIMATE LIST]

The Best Ideas for New YouTube Art Niche Channels in 2023

There’s tons of potential to start a new YouTube channel in the art niche. But what kind of art?? There’s so many artistic interests out there, so we put together a good list of some YouTube art niches you might want to make videos on 🙂

Whether you’re a hobbyist looking to get on YouTube as a side hustle to show your artwork, or you’re a professional artist using YouTube to expand your business marketing strategy, this list might give you some fun YouTube art video ideas. Enjoy!

31 Creative YouTube Art Niches for new channels:

1. Woodworking

A woodworking YouTube channel could do many types of videos. Tutorials, timelapse videos, studio tours? It also depends on what you’re making.

Here are some ideas of things you could build or talk about on your YouTube channel:

  • Furniture
  • Cabinets
  • Sculptures
  • Coffee tables
  • Musical instruments
  • Knives

2. 3d animation

For all my cartoon lovers, I know you can get creative in the animation niche. An animation YouTube channel could be showcasing some of your creations, software tutorials, beginner how-to guides, showing different techniques, etc.

3. Art History

If you’re more of an academic than a get-your-hands-dirty kind of artist, you might enjoy making documentaries, whiteboard explanation videos, art museum tours, or interviews with artists and fine art critics.

There’s a lot of ways you could build out your YouTube channel if you choose to focus on the art history niche. A great example of an art history channel is this one. 

4. Acrylic painting

Acrylic painting could be a fun channel doing videos like:

  • How-to tutorials
  • Timelapse videos
  • Technique guides
  • Studio tours
  • Equipment reviews

You could even talk more about the process, different styles, and review different paintings you’ve come across.

5. Artist equipment

A YouTube channel on art equipment would make a great channel especially if you want to develop sponsorships with brands that sell art supplies. Video ideas might be studio tours, reviewing lots of different products, and even guides for beginning, intermediate, and advanced artists who want to buy the right gear depending on how serious they are about their artwork.

You could develop a killer YouTube sales strategy for a channel here if you want to sell your own products or promote other brands as an affiliate.

6. Cartoon animation

Possibly more technically involved, similar to the 3D animation niche. Videos could focus on the actual software and editing process involved in animating cartoons, but you could also focus on showcasing different movies if you create lots of cartoons.

You could also do tutorials on different cartoon styles, review popular Disney movies coming out, or talk about some behind-the-scenes work if you’re a professional in the animation business.

7. Calligraphy

I love the calligraphy videos from TikTok and Instagram. A YouTube channel in the calligraphy niche could make longer form videos showcasing different calligraphic styles, but there’s also opportunity if you wanted to make tutorials on different styles, review videos on brushes and inks available, or even do before & after series if you’re adding calligraphy to a design like a poster or book cover.

8. Candle making

I feel like candle making is becoming a popular hobby in the art niche. I’ve seen it a bunch on YouTube and especially TikTok.

People love watching the satisfying dips over and over, so you could create tutorial and timelapse videos. You might even consider explaining and reviewing types of wax, oils, and talking about equipment and containers you use to make candles.

And if you’re a pro at it, you could make videos on the business side of things too if you run an Etsy store or have your own platform for selling products.

9. Metal working

A metal working YouTube channel sounds unique (but make sure you don’t burn yourself!). Most people don’t know a ton about this craft, so videos could explain techniques, showcase different equipment for cutting and shaping, and even do tutorials and studio tours to show how it’s done.

For more entertainment style videos, you could do reactions to shows or videos that involve metalworking and talk about the Hollywood version and the real life process of working with metal!

10. Charcoal drawing

Fun, but messy! I feel like there’s a lot more technique involved in charcoal drawing than I would expect. Videos in this niche could talk about different styles of drawing and tutorials, but there’s also opportunity for product reviews for different grades of charcoal, explaining different options (and different levels of mess) for drawing like charcoal sticks, pencils, and blending stumps.

11. Single line drawing

I don’t know how people do it, but drawing artwork without taking the pencil off the paper is a skill I wish I had. I could see some great tutorial and timelapse videos showing the creative process from start to end. If you know how to do this well, you could also make training videos on how to develop this unique drawing ability.

12. Fine art & art valuation

This might be difficult to pull off if you don’t have industry experience, but if you know how to value fine art, I’m probably not alone in wondering how it works! A channel in this niche could really focus on explaining the art valuation industry, misconceptions, and potential problems that arise from valuing artwork.

Videos could be:

  • Explainer videos
  • Ask-me-anything videos
  • Documentary-style videos
  • Review artwork
  • How the fine art business works

You could also talk about investment in fine art since it is a popular alternative investment, especially for wealthier individuals.

13. Ceramics

Ceramics is fun to watch if you’re on the wheel! A ceramics YouTube channel could create videos for throwing on the wheel, or working by hand.

You might do videos that explain different techniques, show a timelapse of you working, or even reviewing products as an affiliate and showcasing your artwork for sale if you’re doing ceramics full-time as an artist.

14. Kids craft ideas

Parents are going to love YouTube videos for ideas to keep their kids entertained! Especially if they’re at home trying to work and keep the little ones busy.

Kids crafts could include:

  • Painting
  • Making jewelry
  • Drawing
  • Play-doh
  • Easy cleanup crafts

You could make endless videos on tutorials for different types of art, or you could niche down even further and just focus on painting for kids, or jewelry-making for kids.

There’s lots of ways you could spin this niche if you create a YouTube channel for kids arts & crafts.

15. Crocheting and cross-stitch

I honestly don’t fully know how crochet is different from knitting. If you can do it well, your YouTube videos might be based on tutorials and demonstrating different patterns. To monetize your channel further than Adsense, you might also look into affiliate product reviews, selling e-books or courses on how to make different pieces of clothing, or you could even sell your own clothing if you really take it seriously.

16. Teaching people how to draw

I’ll be your first subscriber if you can teach me how to draw! Like a lot of people, I’ve never been great at it but admire anyone who can draw well.

A YouTube channel in this niche would probably focus on tutorial videos for different types of drawing (e.g portraits, nature, architecture, abstract) and different levels of technique from beginners all the way to advanced drawing if you can do it well.

To take this channel to the next level you could also introduce product reviews, launch your own drawing kit, or start a community or some kind of education platform on drawing. You might want to niche down even farther with this channel, like drawing faces, houses, animals, etc.

17. Floral arrangements

Everybody loves flowers. Lots of people would love to learn how to make their own floral arrangements rather than pay an arm and a leg for Valentine’s day flowers!

This sounds like a niche that involves more technique than one would imagine, so I envision lots of tutorials and explainer videos on how to arrange different flowers and branches to make a beautiful display for holidays, birthdays, or romantic occasions.

18. Flower collecting and pressing

This is a super specific but interesting YouTube niche idea. If you’re interested in flower pressing, you might want to make videos showcasing different techniques, preservation methods, or teaching the audience how to find the right flowers.

19. Graphic Design

This is a pretty broad category, so there’s a lot you could do within a graphic design YouTube channel. You could focus on tutorials or reviews of software like Canva and Photoshop, or you could make explainer videos focused on the industry of graphic design.

20. iPhone photography

iPhones these days are basically just as good as cameras. This means there’s a bunch of people who want to learn how to use it effectively, especially when phones have 3 different lenses. Videos could be tutorials on setting, editing within the iPhone Photos app, lighting techniques, and angles for the best photos. You might want to make videos specifically on photography for Instagram posts, product photography, real estate photography, and other marketing sides of photography.

21. Making leather products

Clothes? Belts? Shoes? Purses?? There’s so much you could do with leather crafts. This would make for a very interesting YouTube channel that could turn into product reviews, selling your own brand of leather items, or offering courses for people who are seriously interested in leather crafting for personal or professional use.

22. Sculpting

I’d love to learn how to sculpt. You could make a great YouTube channel talking about the art of sculpting, anything from handheld toys to larger than life statues. If you wanted to talk about history, famous sculptures, and monuments, that would also fit well within a niche targeting sculpting on YouTube.

23. Musical instrument restoration

Another niche hobby that could be very interesting. The topic of instrument restoration could come into play with basically any instrument if you’re a musician who appreciates taking care of your instruments. Tutorials on maintaining historic pianos, polishing french horns, trumpets, etc. You might want to focus on more obscure instruments if that’s your style.

Maybe pick one of these 20 bizarre instruments to make restorations on! I’m not sure how expensive they are though…

24. Oil painting

A fun niche but can be messy! Since there’s so many ways of painting with oil paint and blending it together, there’s dozens of videos you could make on different painting styles, ways of blending and using tools to make paintings… You could also include studio tours if you have a nice setup, review your favorite brushes and palettes, or even explain some of the history behind oil paintings and some famous artists who did this style well.

25. Origami

Being good at origami is such a random but cool skill. You could teach origami for fun with YouTube videos for beginners or intermediate origami-ers. A cool idea would be origami for events, like showing techniques for making those swan napkins at weddings and big parties. You know what I’m talking about right?

26. Plastic modeling

A plastic modeling channel could do well by combining plastic modeling with the history behind lots of model kits like planes, cars, trains, and architecture. I think at some point I had history a history professor in college who was really into in making models of aircrafts or tanks from World War I and World War II. It was an American history class, so I think prof Rogers was in the zone when he talked about WWI and WWII so he could show us his model planes. But don’t call them toys, otherwise he’ll get offended and go off on a tangent.

27. Pottery painting

Who doesn’t love a cool vase? You could make a pottery painting channel to show different types of paint and glaze, how to use different methods and painting techniques, and review your favorite paints or glazes (if you’re kilning) to teach people more about pottery painting.

28. Vintage art collecting

There’s a lot you could do here since vintage art is a broad term. Maybe you’ll want to make video tours of your vintage album collection? Explain some of the background on some historic paintings? Showcase cool sculptures and historic artifacts with a unique story? A channel in the vintage art collecting niche might do well from video showcases and documentary style explainer videos for the art history buffs out there.

29. Watercolor painting

Another painting niche! Just like oil painting and acrylic, there’s a ton you can do to teach people different watercolor techniques. Plenty of opportunity for a channel to make videos on various products like brushes, paints, and canvas brands for the artist looking to buy some new supplies.

30. Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking can be a fun hobby, especially if you’re interested in photography. You could make a YouTube channel based on scrapbooking techniques, or you could focus on inspiration scrapbooks, reviews of your favorite stores for scrapbooking materials, or even make fun challenge videos with friends doing this all together.

I feel like scrapbooking is usually something you can do for fun with others, so grab some friends and film some videos!

31. Sewing

A sewing YouTube channel could be neat! You could teach people how to use different materials or equipment like a sewing machine, talk about your favorite products, or show examples of art and clothing you’ve made by sewing things. Maybe make some quilts? Who knows! Whatever you can sew, you can make a video about it along the way 🙂