21 Ideas for YouTube Education Niches in 2023

The Best Ideas for New YouTube Education Channels in 2023

There’s lots of opportunity to start a new YouTube channel in an educational niche. Whether you’re a professional in these topics, an educator, student, or someone who loves teaching and learning, you might find your next business idea by starting one of these channels. We put together a list of 21 creative YouTube education niches across a bunch of fields you may be interested in.

An educational YouTube channel could do extremely well if you create thorough, informative, and engaging videos. You might choose to go for a more relatable, down to earth style if you’re targeting a laid back audience, or you could create more professional documentary-style videos if you truly want to present yourself as the expert.

Depending on the type of audience you build, you could even go on to create courses, coaching programs, or online e-books and informational guides to truly turn your channel into a business.

Enjoy the list and I hope you get some new ideas from it!

21 YouTube Education Niches:

1. Social Media & Journalism

2. Political science

3. College test prep

4. International Affairs

5. Biology

6. Renewable Energy

7. Literature & poetry

8. Geology

9. STEM for kids

10. Marine Biology

11. Environmental Science & engineering

12. Model rocketry

13. College application & scholarships

14. Optometry

15. Mathematics (algebra, calculus, trigonometry, etc)

16. Philosophy

17. Physics

18. Space science & exploration

19. Zoology

20. Sign Language

21. Nutrition & food science