75 Lucrative Ideas for YouTube Finance Niches in 2023

Best YouTube Finance Niches for new channels in 2023

YouTube finance niches have consistently been some of the most profitable channels out there. Viewers are high income, leading to high-paying advertisers and affiliate programs for creators focusing on finance and business content.

Many brands will want want to reach these consumers on YouTube, especially this year as the platform grows. This means finance channels earn extra high CPM’s on YouTube compared to other niches.

There’s even more potential if you decide to start a channel and monetize with affiliate programs or even starting your own brand, course, or product offering. Whether you’re using YouTube for affiliates or using YouTube to close sales, the business and finance niche is a great market to do it in.

If you have experience in something finance or business-related that could teach a business owner, CEO, entrepreneur, or aspiring college student important skills, you could do very well in the finance niche. Especially if it’s a growing market, like podcast SEO or TikTok ads.

Here are the Best Finance niche channels to start:

1. DIY Contracts for business owners

2. Intellectual property law

3. Event marketing & planning

4. B2B vs. B2C strategies & case studies

5. Excel skills

6. Conversion Rate Optimization

7. Virtual assistants, freelancers & outsourcing

8. 401ks & retirement planning

9. Accounting skills for entrepreneurs

10. Airbnb investing

11. House hacking & living for free

12. Credit cards & hacks

13. Copyright law

14. Income taxes & tips

15. Social media marketing

16. Landlord-tenant law (residential or commercial)

17. Money Management for different age groups

18. Bankruptcy law

19. Quickbooks

20. Customer insights & business ideation

21. Benefits & salary negotiation

22. Local SEO

23. Bitcoin & cryptocurrency investing

24. People & talent management

25. Digital Marketing

26. Running a startup

27. Venture capital, private equity, & angel investing

28. Accounting for Small Businesses

29. Audio book creation

30. Copywriting

31. Federal reserve & economic policy

32. Auctions

33. Mindset & personal development

34. Home offices for entrepreneurs

35. Crowd funding

36. Cryptocurrency & blockchain

37. Alternative housing options

38. Twitter thought leadership

39. Tiktok Marketing

40. Book marketing

41. Day Trading

42. Debt Reduction

43. Mortgages & refinancing

44. Employee Rights

45. Entrepreneurship

46. House flipping

47. Forex trading

48. Fund raising & finding investors

49. Investment banking

50. Service-based agency business ideas

51. Getting government contracts

52. LinkedIn marketing

53. Flipping houses

54. International Currency

55. Email marketing

56. Investing for beginners

57. Kickstarter

58. Licensing & law

59. Making a living through Youtube

60. Making Money on Social Media

61. Life Skills for Entrepreneurs

62. Budgeting & personal finance

63. Philanthropy & charity for business owners

64. Starting a podcast

65. Public speaking skills

66. Hiring & recruiting talent

67. Brick & mortar marketing

68. Small Business Regulations

69. Running a family business

70. YouTube content strategy

71. Real estate investing

72. Resume writing

73. SEO by platform

74. Vacation rental property investing

75. Growing a personal brand