13 Best YouTube Fitness Niches for 2023

13 Great YouTube Fitness Channels to Start in 2023

Health and lifestyle are always popular industries, and there’s plenty of opportunity for them on YouTube. If you’re interested in the fitness industry, here are 13 fitness niches you can start on YouTube today.

YouTube fitness niches focus on active living, healthy diet and lifestyle, and training tactics to keep people in their best condition possible. If you’re a fitness enthusiast, or you have deep experience in something related to health, nutrition, and fitness, you would do great by starting a YouTube fitness channel!

Whether it’s a side hustle channel, or you’re using YouTube to grow your coaching business and get leads from YouTube, make 2023 your year with this niche.

Here are some top fitness niches you might like:

Here are the top ideas for YouTube fitness niches this year:

1. Keto diet & nutrition

2. High intensity interval training

3. Fitness for sport injury

4. Gluten Free nutrition

5. Staying active for kids

6. Powerlifting

7. Professional bodybuilding

8. Sleep

9. Sports medicine

10. Weight lifting for beginners

11. Yoga

12. Vegan, vegetarian, & pescetarian living

13. Functional training