9 Unconventional YouTube Growth Frameworks For Every Channel

YouTube growth frameworks nobody is talking about

YouTube can be an excellent platform to reach your clients and build a community around your brand. But if you’re using YouTube to get business, there’s a few especially helpful frameworks that you’ll want to use for content creation.

Here are 9 unique YouTube growth frameworks to supercharge your channel growth.

1. Batch Shoot Videos, Set ’em and Forget ’em

Who has time to film a whole video on a weekly basis? Some people (probably) but not everyone.

Instead of worrying about what you’re going to film each and every week, batch shoot multiple videos in one go and schedule them for the future.

This works great if you already have a mature channel, and it’s even better when you’re a beginner. It sounds simple, but scheduling everything in advance is one of my favorite tips for beginners on YouTube. 

If you’re gonna get ready to film a video, set up the camera, lighting, and audio… Why not film a bunch of videos instead of just one?

You get the hard part (filming) out of the way, and you can focus on editing, uploading, and scheduling in advance.

Batch shooting videos has 2 major advantages aside from saving the headache of filming on a schedule:

It forces you to flesh out multiple video ideas at once.

If you’re starting a new channel, you probably have a couple video ideas. But if you set a goal of filming 5 or 6 videos in one go, it forces you to plan out these videos and make sure you have enough to talk about.

You’ll also have an easier time avoiding repetition if you find that some of your ideas overlap.

It makes it easier to separate yourself from the results.

Scheduling videos to automatically publish makes it easy to forget about them and stop worrying about how well each video performs.

If you upload 5 videos and schedule them out for the next 5 weeks, that’s 5 weeks you can go without having to worry about posting because it’s already taken care of!

2. YouTube Retention Curve: Give Them Reasons to Stay

Every person’s YouTube channel has the same retention curve.

It starts at 100% and goes down the entire video.

Instead of fighting to keep people on the video, try to give reasons for them to not click away.

Give people tidbits, knowledge bombs, or interesting nuggets regularly throughout the video that get them to stay on the video.

The 2 major types of YouTube videos to create value are education and entertainment.

So depending on what type of video you’re filming, make sure you are saying, showing, or doing something informative or entertaining every so often in the video!

3. Be Intentional with Calls to Action

How often do you hear people on YouTube say “like and subscribe?”

Way too often.

Instead of saying something viewers are trained to tune out these days, be intentional about what you ask your audience to do. Have purpose with your calls to action that make sense given the context of the video.

Think about the purpose each video serves and what makes the most sense to ask of your audience.

Forget all the like, comment, & share B.S and be specific.

If it’s more helpful for someone to contact you, visit your website, fill out a lead form, or download a free guide then be specific about that.

It’s important to give a relevant calls to action that benefit the audience.

4. Give All the Value Up Front

Don’t make people wait until the end of your YouTube video to get what they came for by clicking on it.

Giving away your best stuff at the beginning. Then use the rest of the video to elaborate, demonstrate, or explain in more detail.

Now if you only have one solid thing to say, it might be a short video… But that’s better than making a video that’s full of fluff and doesn’t bring value until the very end.

The more value you give the audience, the more trust you’ll earn. Establishing your credibility and authority is a great way to improve lead conversion. Giving value up front is a fast way to show your authority.

5. Title and Thumbnail: Sisters not Twins

The title and thumbnail are the key components to a high click-through-rate on YouTube.

Levels of importance to optimize ctr on youtube with thumbnail and title

But your title and thumbnail should not be the same thing.

They should be related but not the same. Use the title to explain the video or talk about what the video is about.

Use the thumbnail to either create interest, evoke some kind of emotion, or expand on the title.

Split test youtube thumbnails to optimize ctr

Don’t use the same words and don’t use it to send the same message.

Follow a good YouTube thumbnail checklist to follow best practices and make thumbnails that grab attention fast.

6. Give People Your Contact Info

Instead of telling people to comment on your video, just tell them to reach out to you.

Give them your email address, give them a phone number, whatever you want. Make it easy to have a direct conversation with you.

Get a separate Gmail, or a Google Voice number, and just give people a way to reach out to you.

It’s a great way to get leads from YouTube, grow your network, make friends, or just have a conversation and chit chat about ideas.

7. Find Ideas Upstream and Deliver Them Downstream

Niche communities upstream and downstream flow of information

Find conversations in specific communities online. Listen to what people are saying, talk to people there, and see what kind of interesting ideas you’re hearing that other people don’t know about.

That’s one way to kind of position yourself as an authority or just as a source of information to then be the one to deliver that from these Niche communities and take it into a wider pool of people with your

This is one great way to position yourself as an authority on a topic is to find information upstream in specific communities or groups, and then deliver it downstream to a wider audience.

You can provide valuable information to your viewers while also establishing yourself as an expert in your field.

8. Have Designated F*ck It Videos

Don’t be afraid to try new ideas and break away from your usual content.

Set aside specific videos to experiment with new ideas and formats, and see how they perform.

This helps you to continually grow and improve your content.

9. Have an Action Mindset

Don’t get stuck in the planning phase.

Take action on your ideas, whether it’s starting a new channel or trying a new format, and then evaluate later. Don’t be too hard on yourself if things don’t go as planned, but use the experience to learn and improve for future content.

Frameworks to Fuel Growth on YouTube

By following these 9 frameworks for growing on YouTube, you can create engaging content, build a relationship with your viewers, and ultimately grow your channel.

Remember to stay consistent, provide value, and always be open to trying new things.