Top 10 Ideas for YouTube marketing niches in 2023

The best ideas for new youTube marketing niche channels in 2023

Marketing is a huge niche on YouTube, and it has plenty of subniches that are extremely popular these days. Whether you’re an entrepreneur interested in talking about growth hacks in marketing or a corporate marketer turned content creator, this list is for you.

Here are the best YouTube marketing niches to start:

1. AI content marketing

AI has become a HUGE topic in marketing. Programs like ChatGPT,, and Ocoya are a few examples of artificial intelligence in the marketing space.

Search volume for ai content on Google

You could create content about creating content (that’s meta right?) with artificial intelligence and breaking down the different realms of marketing where AI could come into play like:

  • Generating content ideas
  • Writing content
  • Editing video content
  • Captioning short-form videos
  • Tweaking content to improve SEO
  • Engaging with followers and comments

2. Podcast marketing

Podcasting has become a big deal lately! The challenge: it’s one of the toughest audiences to grow. If you’ve got the gift of gab, creating a YouTube channel and podcast about podcast marketing could be hugely beneficial to all the companies and solo-preneurs trying to expand their influence via podcast.

Podcast marketing as a strategy to get sales is a powerful tactic just like YouTube marketing. If you can speak to this,

If you’re curious about getting to the top 1% of podcasts, check out this reddit post that talks about getting to the top of crowded creator markets.

3. UGC marketing strategy

The hottest trend in marketing right now. UGC is short for user-generated content. It’s like a new version of word of mouth marketing. Often UGC marketing comes from consumers, employees, and loyal fans of a certain brand or company who are not actually in charge of the marketing for the company at hand.

If you understand influencer marketing and affiliate marketing, you could do well with a YouTube channel focused on UGC marketing for companies of all sorts.

This could be breaking down case studies of companies doing it well, ideas and recommendations for UGC campaigns, or very thorough tutorials on how to use different platforms and engage with users to get people talking about a product.

4. Building a newsletter

It’s 2023 but email marketing is BACK BABY! How many creators have you seen launching their own newsletters these days? A ton, right? Newsletter marketing has become extremely popular as people want to get news about specific topics from a trusted source.

If you’re an email nerd, share your wisdom with the world on newsletter marketing! This could be explanations or guided videos for things like:

  • How to spot trends
  • Copywriting for engaging emails
  • Growth hacks to increase subscribers
  • Conversion for email offers
  • Monetizing a newsletter effectively

5. Social media sponsorships

Social media sponsorships are a great way for brands to market themselves via influencers, but there’s a huge gap between the world of media buyers and small creators.

A YouTube channel focused on bringing together creators and sponsors could do really well by educating creators on things like negotiation, types of sponsorships that exist, and how to deliver a great campaign that brings repeat sponsorships.

You could focus on creators specifically on YouTube, Instagram, or Tiktok and really niche down by talking about the nuance behind different sponsorship deal structures by platform and industry.

6. Local SEO and local marketing

Despite all the rage on social media, there are still plenty of brick and mortar businesses that need help with their marketing, both digital and physical.

Local SEO search volume over time on Google

If you have a knack for local SEO and local marketing, you could carve out a hefty audience for yourself on YouTube by helping businesses that are only targeting specific geographic areas for their marketing.

You could discuss marketing tips for things like:

  • Ranking on Google as a local business
  • Reaching customers on Instagram & TikTok
  • How to balance digital and physical marketing as a company
  • Why local SEO is different than SEO

7. Short-form video repurposing

Long videos are phenomenal at building an audience, but short-form video is extremely important these days for fast traffic. Platforms like TikTok, Instagram and YouTube push for short, vertical videos.

A lot of creators are long-form centric, meaning they don’t have enough time to focus on short-form content. But what about repurposing long form content they’re already making to generate dozens of short-form videos from a long one?

Make a YouTube channel talking about easy ways to create short-form content for creators who are already marketing themselves on long-form videos and podcasts!

You could turn the YouTube channel into a full-blown service like this short-form agency specializing in Tiktok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube shorts repurposing.

8. YouTube marketing and strategy 🙂

I’m a bit biased towards YouTube as a way to build business, but talking about YouTube strategy makes for a great YouTube niche!! YouTube channels are like businesses of their own. And you can make a lot of money from them by monetizing strategically.

Youtube growth for brands

In order to sell a product, service, or affiliate deal on YouTube, you need to get good at implementing calls to action that convert viewers into customers. The content you produce is a way of providing value to earn trust and build credibility to eventually make your audience an offer.

9. Web 3.0 marketing

Web 3.0 marketing is changing the game with all its decentralized platforms, blockchain tech, and secure browsing. This new era brings a whole new set of marketing opportunities and challenges.

You could create tutorials on using decentralized platforms for marketing, explainers on NFTs and their role in branding, or even case studies on successful Web 3.0 marketing campaigns. If you wanted to target trends, you could make videos surrounding the newest blockchain developments, news on web 3.0, and reaction videos to current events related to NFTs and crypto.

And don’t worry about making money from YouTube Adsense. You could create and sell online courses about Web 3.0 marketing, offer consulting services, or even team up with Web 3.0-related companies for affiliate partnerships.

10. TikTok Advertising

TikTok ads are supposedly the next big thing in social media marketing. You could make videos about crafting the perfect TikTok ad, sharing tips on maximizing engagement, or even diving into case studies of successful TikTok ad campaigns. If you want to focus on trends, you could create content about the latest TikTok advertising features, viral challenges that brands can tap into, and reaction videos to the most creative ads on the platform.

To monetize this channel, you can create and sell online courses about TikTok advertising, offer consulting services to help businesses navigate the platform, or partner with TikTok marketing tools and agencies for affiliate deals. There are plenty of ways to turn your expertise in TikTok advertising into a profitable YouTube channel.