23 Profitable Ideas for YouTube Tech Niches in 2023

23 Best YouTube Tech Niche Ideas for New Channels in 2023

If you’re a tech nerd, or you’re looking to up your YouTube game this year, check out the best YouTube tech niches that are growing this year.

YouTube tech niche channels are some of the most profitable YouTube channels by CPM, along with finance YouTube channels, due to the high-earning audience and high-paying advertisers selling products and services to them.

If you have experience in one of these fields, or you’re passionate about learning and teaching it, you could do very well this year by starting a YouTube channel focusing on one of these specific tech niches.

To take things to the next level after making badass videos, you could reach out to brands for sponsorships, implement affiliate marketing, or build your own brand and business off the channel by launching a newsletter, website, course, or consulting program on top of your YouTube business. YouTube business checklist strategy

Check out the tech niche ideas below! Enjoy 🙂

Here are the best Tech Niche Channels to start:

1. Web design with no code

No code is a growing industry, and there’s lots of software supporting it now. A YouTube channel in the no-code web design niche could do well just from tutorial videos, software reviews, and tips & tricks for the basics of web design without using code. This is a great niche for affiliate monetization too, since many web design platforms have good affiliate programs.

2. Drones

Who doesn’t love a good drone video?? If you do a drone YouTube channel, you might choose to focus on drone reviews, tutorials on how to fly a drone, or you might focus more on a specific use like drone videography, photography, or even drone racing.

3. UX design, tips, & tricks

Another niche similar to the no-code web design is UX design. This type of channel could be built solely off tutorials and product reviews for different services and UX companies that work with optimizing websites, conversions, and boosting sales.

If you’re experienced in UX or you’re a developer who has some industry knowledge, you’d do well making videos to help people and companies improve the user experience of their website.

Just like no-code web design, UX design and experts who are skilled at it are in high demand. The UX design industry is booming right now, and this is your chance to build a big YouTube channel if you’re passionate about it!

4. Home video production

Home videos is a great niche, especially in an increasingly WFH world. Plus, everyone is interested in becoming a YouTuber and Tiktoker you could create a whole channel just based on how to make pro YouTube videos at home, or focus on TikTok, Instagram, or Snapchat instead.Home studio one of the best growing tech niches on Youtube for new channels

Or you could focus more on techniques and equipment like lighting, cameras, and microphones which would give you plenty of opportunity to earn affiliate income from your YouTube channel.

5. VPNs

Another growing industry as people are becoming more aware of cybersecurity and protecting themselves online. VPNs are a high affiliate paying industry, but be cautious as there is a lot of skepticism and mistrust here given how notoriously shady some VPN companies are.

A channel in this niche might focus on VPN reviews, or creating videos like guides on choosing the right VPN, factors to consider, and are the most expensive VPN’s worth the money?? Lots of creative freedom here if you choose to start a YouTube channel in this tech niche.

6. iOS app development

We already mentioned web design and UX design booming, well so is iOS app design and development! If you’re a developer who knows how to make apps on Apple’s platform, you’d do really well starting a YouTube channel targeting this niche for coding and developing apps for the App Store.

This is one specific niche within app development, but you know what they say! The riches are in the niches.

7. 3D Printing

The 3D printing niche is so cool and it’s growing quickly as many subniches pop up with tons of applications for 3D printing. This growth isn’t slowing, as 2023 is bringing even more growth in 3D printing and real-world applications of it.

Videos in this niche could focus on the industry, software programs, showing cool things you’ve printed if you have access to a 3D printer, or even demonstrating how to use the apps and rendering tools to build 3D models and objects.

8. Cybersecurity & identity theft

Similar to what we discussed with VPNs, you could choose to focus on the broader topic of cybersecurity. Or you could choose a different niche within it, like password protection, payment safety online, and helping people understand how platforms like Google and Facebook actually use their data.Cybersecurity YouTube tech niches are a high growth opportunity in 2023

This would be a great YouTube niche for explainer videos and tutorials on how to protect oneself online.

You might eventually step into affiliate revenue if you choose to review products, showcase software for online safety, or even launch your own program on web safety if you have the technical background for it.

9. Home theater setup

Who doesn’t love a good home theater?? Plus since everyone has Netflix and Hulu these days, many people would rather spend the night in than go to the theater.

Your YouTube channel could see massive growth by focusing on how to setup a home theater, product reviews, and mistakes people make when setting up their theater area.

The kind of person who has a house big enough for a home theater also has the money to spend on projectors, sound equipment, and furniture if you do any product reviews or sell your own line of product related to home cinema.

10. Smart home automation

Home automation is a big topic these days, especially as platforms like Alexa and Apple are offering more and more options to make your home technologically integrated with phones, laptops, and TVs.smart home tech niche on youtube

If you want to catapult your growth by starting a YouTube channel on smart home and home automation, you might want to check out the top smart home trends for 2023 and familiarize yourself with the products being offered on the market.

This would make for great review videos, tutorials, and explanations of how smart home software can make people’s lives easier.

11. Blockchain & smart contracts

Blockchain is a top growing sector right now with endless applications. Everyone has been raving about Bitcoin over the last year, but blockchain includes much more than just Bitcoin and NFT’s.

If you have good experience with blockchain, smart contracts, and network development, you could carve out a niche for yourself discussing blockchain technology, current events, or simply explaining how these networks and protocols work between platforms and currencies.

Plus, if you’re strategic about leveraging traffic sources for search and browse videos, you have even more opportunity. You could capitalize on both highly searched information videos and current event videos that go viral fast from jumping on trends.

Many exchanges and investment platforms offer high commissions to affiliates in this niche, but be careful of scams and pyramid-scheme crypto projects since there are many and it can be tough identifying who is good and who is out to scam you.

12. Travel technology

People love a good deal, especially if you can show them how to get deals on travel, airfare, and bookings!

Travel tech related keywords on YouTube
Keywords related to “travel tech”

If you’re into gear, you could also make a channel completely focusing on travel products and accessories like these related keywords from VidIQ.

That’s just one idea of travel tech on YouTube. You could make videos explaining new artificial intelligence in travel, do demo’s of new websites, or talk about cool hacks in the travel industry using a new app or site.

Monetization on this type of channel could be through affiliate programs of software you review, sponsorships from travel tech startups, or doing your own course on some type of travel-related technology, whether developing the software or teaching people how to use software.

A travel tech specific YouTube channel could do well by itself, or you could choose to talk about travel tech as part of a more broad travel niche on YouTube.

13. Home defense tech

Home defense tech is important, and it’s getting pretty interesting with A.I.

A home defense tech channel could talk about tips & tricks for security, review products available, or even talk about some of the inner workings of the security industry and what buyers should be aware of before buying a home security system.

Digital security guard companies like this one would make an interesting case study or product review video for a channel focusing on home security.

14. App development

If you’re a skilled and curious app developer, you could turn your development skills into a YouTube channel for people to make apps. This could turn into a lucrative course business or consulting service to monetize your channel and make the most of your influence if you really know your stuff when it comes to building apps.

An app development channel could focus on a specific software, language, or type of app if you really want to niche down within app development on YouTube and build yourself as an authority. For example, #15 a channel on….

15. Android game creation

This takes the app development niche to a more specific level. If you want to target people developing games for Android phones and have experience doing this, you could make videos for a very specific type of audience.

This type of development niche would be more specific and with fewer competitors if you make your YouTube channel just about Android games rather than all kinds of apps and platforms.

16. Apple products

If you love Apple, why not make money from a channel talking about their products? You could create video-based reviews on their phones, laptops, watches, etc. You could give your feedback on performance, features, aesthetic and what not. But this channel doesn’t just have to be reviews.

You could make tutorials on productivity hacks for Macbook users, break down the engineering behind the latest phones, or even just make videos showing how the iPhone video quality turns out if you’re good at filmmaking and have a passion for cinematography.

17. Crypto wallets

Crypto is growing like crazy right now. As interest in crypto grows, there’s a need for security and storing coins and NFT’s. A channel in this niche could discuss hot vs. cold wallets, explain the inner workings of how wallets operate, and give tutorials on how to setup and manage different wallets.

You could get into crypto affiliate programs by reviewing different wallets for things like security, ease of use, cost, etc. Just be careful to present information based on what your audience will benefit most from; not what pays the highest commission. If you’re especially tech savvy, you could make YouTube videos on trends and research within crypto wallets, offer insight on the market, discuss new regulations happening, or just share your opinions based off your experience as a crypto investor or developer.

18. The dark web

Sounds like a scary place right? It certainly can be… The most basic YouTube videos on the dark web could explain what it is, how it works, and it’s history. If you want to get into tutorials, you can make videos on how to use, access, and stay safe on the dark web for beginners. You could also discuss ethics behind the dark web and highlight various good and bad use cases of the dark web on your channel.

19. Wireless speakers

If you love music, movies, or gaming you might do well with a channel focused on wireless speaker systems. Whether you’re making advanced videos on creating a home theater or basic stuff like setting up speakers for your gaming setup or home office, tutorials could do really well for this type of channel.

If you wanted to monetize through affiliate programs, you could start reviewing different speakers on the market, explain how to pick the best one, and then show people how to setup the speaker and connect with their computer, phone, TV, etc.

20. Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is a huge software suite with some pretty complicated options. You could make tutorial and review-based videos on all the apps Microsoft Office has or dedicate your channel to just one. For example, there are creators out there who just focus on excel spreadsheets and formulas.

A YouTube channel about Microsoft Office could dive into organization, team management, and optimizing productivity. You could also dig into comparison videos between Microsoft vs. Google or Apple and talk about the pros and cons between different providers depending on how advanced someone needs their software stack to be.

21. Streaming software

A YouTuber interested in the streaming software niche could discuss tools and programs available for streaming like OBS, Streamlabs, and XSplit. You could do reviews, tutorials, or compare features and price at different stages from beginner setup to pro setup. Then you could show how to set it up, optimize video and audio quality, and improve performance from streaming software.

To take it a step further, you could talk about ways to monetize a streaming channel and build a business from your streams. This could be videos that explain getting sponsorships, making offers to viewers, how to grow an audience with streaming, and talk about different streaming platforms like Twitch, Mixer, and Azubu.

22. Gaming setups

A gaming setup channel could give tips, tutorials and advice for setting up different gaming rooms. This could be setting up the perfect room for sound quality, choosing the right monitor, and best ways to arrange a comfortable gaming space. You could showcase your own setup and give a tour, review products for gamers, and talk about the latest technology on gaming platforms and streaming systems.

You could make money from your gaming setup channel by taking sponsorship deals, reviewing products and earning affiliate income, or selling your own physical or digital product for gamers who want the coolest setup. These monetization strategies are not mutually exclusive; you could do them all on your channel!

To grow your channel you might want to talk about your channel or share your videos in communities that are super into gaming. Check out this subreddit on gaming setups and how much it’s grown in the last few years!

Community growth on reddit for gaming setups
Community growth on reddit for gaming setups

23. Building your own computer

If you’re into tech and good with your hands, you could make a YouTube channel on building your own computer. You can show step-by-step guides on building a computer from scratch, how to get the right hardware, and explain all the components that go into a computer like processors, graphics cards, and motherboards.

You could also make videos to focus on troubleshooting issues, the pros and cons of building your own computer, and show how to improve performance and configuration.

To monetize your channel you could make sponsored content from brands that sell products for computers, add affiliate links to products you review, or start selling your own course or computer kit for people who want to build a computer at home.